Dating iliad

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Dating iliad

In the Iliad, it is clear that the two heroes have a deep and extremely meaningful friendship, but the evidence of a romantic or sexual element is equivocal.Achilles is tender towards Patroclus, while he is callous and arrogant towards others.

The friendship of Achilles and Patroclus is mentioned explicitly in the Iliad.Later the word is used of concubines.) Although most warriors fought for personal fame or their city-state (including, at times, Achilles), at certain junctures in the Iliad, Achilles fights for Patroclus.He dreams that all Greeks would die so that he and Patroclus might gain the fame of conquering Troy alone.For a brief moment Achilles’ character shifts from a strong and unbreakable warrior to an emotional and vulnerable character.However, Thetis motivates Achilles to return to the battlefield.

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The oldest written fragments of the that survive date from centuries after we think the poem was first committed to writing, and the oldest surviving complete copy is the fabulous Venetus A, which dates from nearly 1800 years later.

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