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Dating gering

Soddies, as they were known, were damp, dark, and small, often forcing large families to live in only one or two rooms.

What the sod houses lacked in material extravagance, however, they more than made up for in utility.

We’ve got everything you want to know about the key factors that could make this the best place for you, including Gering , NE real estate.

Let’s start with the basics: Gering , NE is located in Scotts Bluff County .

Sod was a good insulator and kept the houses cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Because of the limited timber reserves, pioneers turned to auxiliary forms of fuel to warm their soddies or prepare their food.

They travelled as far as Wyoming or Montana to work on cattle ranches and then returned to their homesteads, money in hand, to improve their claims.

By the 1870s, the North Platte River Valley was a prominent grazing land for open-range cattle.

While settlers could easily obtain land under the terms of the Act, pioneer life on the western Nebraska frontier was not for the weak-spirited.

Though undaunted by earlier reports of sandy soil and scarce water, homesteaders discovered that growing hearty crops was a difficult task when winters were harsh and summers were hot.

Even many of the adequately prepared homesteaders found it necessary to obtain additional income to what their farms provided.

The terms of the Homestead Act allowed claimants to leave their homesteads for up to six months a year in order to procure work, and many early settlers made full use of this clause.

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The population of homesteaders in the area skyrocketed when the Federal Government passed the Newlands Act, or Reclamation Act, in 1902.

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