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Dating games online newgrounds

By playing along with the drama, learners can understand why the decisions they made were wrong and then correct the strategy on subsequent attempts.

Four universities around the world currently offer certificates to users upon completion of the course.

Zapdramatic was founded in July 2000 by filmmaker Michael Gibson and Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution experts Allan Stitt , Frank Handy and Lisa Feld .

Zap's goal is to popularize the art and science of negotiation to a world audience using interactive simulated adventure games.

Zapdramatic designs and produces licensed and customized online negotiation games for the corporate, professional and educational markets.

Zap games have been used to teach advanced negotiation skills to executives, managers, professionals, sales people, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, customer service representatives, teachers and students.

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Interestingly, over 50 per cent of Zap's paying membership is female.