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In the Middle Ages, a girl would live in her parents' house until the ripe old age of seventeen or so, at which point her father would march her down the aisle and hand her off to a husband.The next twenty-five years would be spent getting pregnant, narrowly escaping death during childbirth, and picking out new tapestries for the castle great room, or whatever it was that women did back then. As the centuries went on, things for women got better, but not by much. Light created to rescue swimmers from sinking ships, being an expert swimmer (due to her design as a mermaid) but having very poor land mobility.She possesses a beautiful voice and is fond of karaoke, but it is rumored that she has turned down numerous invitations to enter the world of show business, possibly having a dislike of large crowds.Instead of telling you How to Win a Husband in Just 3 Easy Steps!, it will gently guide you through all the triumphs and pitfalls of what dating is actually like, from one-night stands, to confusing texts and emails, to your first online date.Take into account that after a bee kills fishes, it will continue until none are remaining and won't attack Splash Woman.However, they can still damage her if she is lured into them before they fly offscreen.

Then, when she is at the top of the area, she'll move around the room shooting the Laser Trident and finally try to tackle Mega Man with her trident. The bees will fly around and can easily demolish the fish, and damage Splash Woman as she goes to the top of the screen.

But they were also allowed to sneak into town for the occasional evening's entertainment, one of the very few opportunities for young women to meet men unchaperoned.

(Unfortunately, birth control at this point was still ages away, so this single life was pretty finite.)To be a happy single woman, you needed to be rich, and if you weren't born rich, it was very hard to make your own money.

And of course, maybe you do want a relationship, but you just aren't in one right now.

Whatever the reason, the point is, you're single right now, and whether it's by circumstance or design, you might as well enjoy it as best you can.

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YOU SAY "SINGLE" LIKE IT' S A BAD THINGThere are a billion and one reasons why you might be single. Maybe you've decided to take a break from men for a while.

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