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One of the most ergonomic and perfectly balanced instruments available, The Majesty features neckthrough body design, unparalleled upper...The Axis Super Sport semi-hollow builds upon the familiar aspects of the solid body Axis Super Sport by adding 2 chambers on either side of the pickups and an attractive "M" sound hole on top.A guitar for bass players, and a bass for guitar players, the Silhouette Bass guitar was developed to meet an ever-increasing need among today's musicians for a special range of sound.Sleek and stylish, this one of a kind instrument will add a new...

The basswood body features a high gloss durable finish with stylish lines and an ergonomic scooped arm contour.Honduran Mahogany neck with East Indian Rosewood fingerboard.The JP BFR is powered by Dimarzio Liquifire & Crunchlab pickups, piezo bridge system, and a coil splitting...The Albert Lee HH is an upgraded variant of the original Albert Lee model.Sharing the same modern retro aesthetics, the HH model comprises a lightweight Okoume body, 25.5" scale rosewood neck, and fingerboard, giving the Albert Lee HH its signature...

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The Steve Morse signature, made to Steve's exact specifications, has been his instrument of choice both in the studio and on stage for more than 25 years. The SMY2D celebrates the 20th anniversary of signature Music Man artist Steve Morse.

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