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Fortune grade case475 - Waltham-Ball, 16S RR grade mvt seal475 - Ball trademark: Official R. Standard475 - Waltham’s Canadian Pacific Railway watch grade476 - Waltham’s Railway Time Service watch grade476 - Waltham Canadian Railway Watches476 - CPR grade appeals to RR enthusiasts476 - CRTS grade attracts collectors476 - Waltham Grade No.

642, entry level standard watch477 - Treiman, Lawrence W.’s Bulletin article referenced478 - Elgin’s 16S, 17J RR grade B.

The word "watch" was specifically omitted to retain secrecy of the novel operation. The first 17 watches, which ran for 8 days, marked "Howard, Davis & Dennison" were distributed among company officials. Bartlett" watch(named for an early employee Patten Sargeant Bartlett). In October 1854 the company moved into the new factory. Two high-quality groups of watches were produced by Waltham as direct result of orders placed by the Canadian Pacific Railway. A., the manufacturing of Waltham watches and watch parts ended in 1957.

Number-1 given to Edward Howard resides in the Smithsonian Collection. The next movements manufactured (1001-5000) were marked "Dennison, Howard, & Davis", "P. One large group has the shield and beaver emblem of the Railway engraved on the movements, and is known as the "CPR" type. Production was transferred to Switzerland, to Waltham International SA, a company established for this purpose in 1954 by the US parent company.

375, August 200817-Jewel, 16-Size Standard Watches 473 - Full-plate 18-size mvt RR standard models listed473 - 16-size mvt models listed473 - Elgin’s Veritas model 9473 - 17-jewel, leader of RR watch industry; then demise473 - Prices of 18S & 16S grades, table of474 - Development of RR time service requirements474 - Waltham-Ball ORRS 16S, 17J watches474 - Adjusted grades474 - Ball 17J, 16S Waltham-Ball Adjusted 5 Positions474 - Waltham 16S, 17J Adjusted 5 Positions475 - Waltham Ball Official Standard grade mvts475 - Ball Model case475 - Pugh Bros. 361478 - Elgin’s model 15, 16S mvt478 - Veritas & Father Time names on Elgin’s RR line478 - Adjusted 5 Positions on B.

of Pittsburgh, PA475 - Canadian Pacific Railway marked watches475 - American Watch Case Co.

645 movement and dial, 16-size, 21-jewel 61- Elgin V. 374, June 2008A 16-Size Bunn Special “Pinwheel” – The Unknown Pattern 315 - Bunn Special Models 18S & 16S variants315 - Bunn Special 16S Bright Spotted pattern316 - Bunn Special 16S & other watches316 - Fishscale damaskeening pattern316 - Fishscale 16-size Bunn Special317 - Bunn Special 16-size Rayed pattern318 - Bunn Special 16S, first 20 runs, table of318 - Getty models & dials318 - Hamilton Bunn Specials318 - Interrupted Ray pattern319 - Pinwheel (unknown) pattern319 - Meggers & Ehrhardt, authors Ill.In 1851, according to some sources, the company took the name "American Horologe Company" and production started in the new factory building. The company had financial difficulties and Edward Howard left to form E. Upon bankruptcy, the company was sold at auction to Royal E. (AWWCo) where it was to remain for the next 32 years.However, in October 1886, Waltham co-founder, Aaron Lufkin Dennison, in a letter to author Crossman, refuted the name and stated that the first Company name was the Warren Manufacturing Company, named for General Warren of Roxbury, a famous soldier of the War of Independence. A new factory was built in Waltham, Massachusetts, on the banks of the Charles River, which grew over the years to its present size. Robbins, who reorganized it under the new name Appleton Tracy & Co. Bearing this name, the next movements produced, Waltham Model 1857 was the 1st pocket watch produced in America of standard parts. Most widely known under this name, the company would produce some of the finest examples of pocket watches ever created.Some of these incarnations were: Tracy, Baker & company (1857), Appleton, Tracy and company (1857-59) American Watch company (1859-85) American Waltham Watch company (1885-1906) Waltham Watch co. (1923 to 1925) Waltham Watch company (1925 to 1957). 12 size Waltham pocket watches: Like in the case of larger sized Waltham pocket watches mention earlier, the Waltham 12 size pocket watches employed popular movement model names in their 12 size pocket watches, as well.Waltham pocket watches were made in a wide variety of sizes, grades, and options - both artistically and mechanically. Beyond these preceding models mentioned, other notable 12 size Waltham models were the: Elite mode, their Digital hour and second window model, the Duke and their 1894 Bridge model.

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