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The groom must ask for the bride’s hand in marriage, while the bride should make a perfect cup of coffee.Once the agreement is reached the bride’s family throws an engagement party, where the lovebirds exchange engagement rings.That could be flowers, gifts or big romantic gestures.

It’s held in the groom’s home and the couple dances the night away and feasts on delicious foods.

The build up to a Turkish wedding is just as important as the ceremony, however.

Three nights before the wedding, the women gather together for the henna evening.

In general, even in larger, less conservative cities, dating is a serious enterprise, and there isn’t a lot of casual dating going on.

Oddly, an “I love you” comes quite early on - and it’s followed by romantic gestures to prove the strength of your love.

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Turks adore children, and the idea of anyone not wanting to have children is unfathomable.

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