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Posted by / 29-Sep-2020 08:24

It was very unbalanced in terms of male/female ratio; 12 guys total showed up, with only 2 girls for them to speed date.

The lady didn’t start the event right away saying more were supposed to come.

I emailed the event director, Vilius Gavrilenka, and he simply said he was sorry and I should reschedule.

I asked how often the events get cancelled and he didn't reply. So, I emailed again and he finally replied with the same canned response from the first email, but did not answer my questions.

I tried Date n Dash last month at their event at Knoxville's.

The lady running it showed up late and was pushy and rude to all of us throughout the event.

A striking place kitted out with stripped back brickwork and luxurious leather booths, Forge puts…

To sum it up, the event was extremely disorganized, chaotic, and the chosen venue was absolutely a horrible choice to host a speed dating event.

On the table with my first date was the “Don’t Break the Ice” toy.

Have you ever tried having a meaningful conversation with your girlfriend while playing computer game?

So I changed tack on the following dates, had to remember to keep the conversation going rather than playing the games. After dating had finished everyone gathered around the Play-Doh table to form a modelling session that ended up as a beach scene complete with trees and the oddest animals you’d ever laid eyes on.

Before the internet, speed dating was one of very few options singletons had to meet people outside of their friend’s network. I hadn’t really got a clue what to expect but dressed smart, polished my shoes (yep went all out) and headed down with an open mind.

I’d tried speed dating before, many years ago and found it rather painful. Arriving at the side street Brick Lane venue I was greeted by the hosts and given a score card and name badge. On the card were some question tips and some do’s and don’ts. Ok so that’s me being a millionaire banker out the window….

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