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Dangers of dating the boss

But when you're involved with the boss, you may find your competence in question.

Opportunities that come your way, successes you achieve, goals you meet and exceed -- all may be perceived as arising out of your special relationship with the boss and not your own hard work. And if you end up working for someone else in the same company, that person may be reluctant to believe that you've gotten to where you are based on merit alone.

Even if it turns into something serious and long-lasting, chances are one of you will have to go.

So sex with the boss jeopardizes his position as well as yours. After all, according to the Times Online, four out of every ten people meet their spouses at the office. Even if your wildest fantasies come true and you two get married, he cannot continue to supervise you.

Someone's going to have to leave, and it's probably not going to be the boss.

Look beyond the physical act of sex with your boss and you'll see that power is at the heart of the relationship.

Writing for the Times Online, Susie Godson sums it up as "a power trip" and "a huge ego boost" and adds, "Peel away the perks and what exactly are you left with?

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Once you are an adult a potential relationship with your boss may not necessarily have the same forbidden quality, but it is something you should consider very carefully as it could have long term consequences on both your careers.

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  1. Defining relationships with labels or being exclusive is becoming more and more rare — which isn’t a bad thing at all. But sometimes it makes us feel confused when we “break-up” with each other.