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Move-in day for Will Vill North (floors 5-6), Darley South, Baker, Smith, Will Vill North (2-4), Hallett, Aden, Cockerell, Buckingham, Cheyenne Arapaho - Music majors only, Darley North (last names A-Z).Move-in day for Andrews, Libby, Sewall, Will Vill East (floors 2-4), Kittredge Central, Farrand, Will Vill East (floors 5-7), Arnett (last names A-Z), Brackett (last name A-Z), Crosman (last name A-Z), Stearns West (floors 1-7, last names A-Z), Stearns East (floors 8-13, last names A-Z).But whether this is called for depends on the particulars of the situation(s) and people involved, I'd say.If he's prowling undergrad parties looking for drunk (i.e.Why would you risk your career and reputation to fuck students attending the school you teach at?Even if it's not explicitly against the rules, the last thing you want to be known as is a creep that seduces students While I agree with everything you've said, I don't think CU will do anything with that information since it's not against CU policy.You will be putting them in a difficult situation if they are not on board with your effort to out the professor.Don't use this knowledge as a weapon against a consensual relationship.

If he's serially-dating younger women, it's (again) unprofessional and sketch as fuck, but maybe not worth reporting? This is literally the first thing they tell graduate students and faculty not to do.

There are a lot of creeps who take advantage of depressed students.

Objectively gross, definitely worth reporting if only for an administrator to have a serious conversation with this person.

I know two professors who are currently dating undergraduates.

It's not a violation of the school's amorous relationship policy if the student isn't in their class.

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