Chun and ella dating

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Selina has been photographed going on dates with a lawyer, although she kept insisting they are ‘just friends’.

But she did admit on TV recently that her mum has been trying to arrange matchmaking sessions for her.

Ella was reduced to tears during the recording of one track on the album while Selina got to write the lyrics to the Jay Chou’s composition, An Jing Le (Quiet), at his request.

At the banquet Ella immediately sat on TANK’s lap, the two immediately played kissy.

Before the most expensive bag Ella ever bought was just a ,000 NT Chanel, but it was a present for her sister’s birthday. want to send ‘waves of hope & joy’ By Chang May Choon A NEW radio station is now available in cyberspace, starring none other than Taiwan’s top girl band S. Ella, 27, gets to be a ‘late-night deejay’, who keeps insomniacs and night owls company.

____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Hear them on Internet radio Playing deejays, Taiwanese girl band S. As for Hebe, 25, she transforms into the cynical Madam Xi Bi, who plays agony aunt to young girls troubled by affairs of the heart.

For one thing, they are always playful and so adorable. “Although it is still rather cold in the hotel,” proclaims Ella mischievously, the obvious ‘ring-leader’ in the girls’ antics and the one who directs the other two during the photography session so that everyone could get a good shot.

The girls feel that the album, in the form of a radio programme, is a brand new concept that is more down to earth, and which signifies that they are not little girls any more.

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When asked to comment on how love changes her two partners, Hebe said in a press release that Ella becomes ’silly and naive’.