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It’s usually stupid shit anyway, so we should be able to get over it as quick as we got angry about it too.”“My wife and I try not to let our daughter see us fight,” he said.

“We’re horrible at keeping it hidden, but we would really like this to be something we could do.

When Patrick, a father of one from Alabama, was about to become a high school junior, his parents divorced after a couple of real bad years of marriage.

His father was plagued by mental health issues and Patrick took on a protector role for his younger siblings.

Diamond’s broad categories of divorce reactions contain almost infinite variations. People may simultaneously hurt and learn from their parents’ breakup — humans are all works in progress, after all.

That complexity was present in the accounts of the millennial and Gen X children of divorce interviewed for this story.

I said, ‘I can’t live my adult life out of the bag.Both of our parents fought a lot, but her parents are still together.I guess there were times though where that wasn’t such a sure thing though.And kids can feel the fragility in a relationship, even if they couldn’t tell what it is they’re feeling.So, we try to just make sure that if she sees us fight, she also sees us make up.”When Jen’s parents divorced when she was seven, the present day mom of two processed the practical implications of the split first.

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“I think mostly I experienced it as a kind of a change in my routine,” she said.

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