Candice accola and zach roerig dating

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Candice accola and zach roerig dating

Seeing Elena (Nina Dobrev) at her most vulnerable, and needing to give her the support that she’s been trying to give him all season, he’s finally saying, “It is okay to feel. And now, let me give that back to you.” All of this is just illuminating for this girl, at this point in her life, with these two men who are so important to her. She’s lost almost everyone that ever mattered to her. The last two episodes of the season are really going to be about her really asking herself that question and trying to understand how she could possibly let one of them go, when she’s already lost so much.I heard you all those times, when you told me that. With the new information that has been revealed about what’s gone on with Alaric (Matthew Davis) and his ring, what does that mean for Jeremy (Steven R. PLEC: It definitely means that the stakes of death and resuscitation are possibly not as intense for Jeremy as they were Alaric because Alaric had something happening on the other side.But right now, in the present, she’s fighting like hell to just have a normal relationship with her boyfriend in high school. Julie, when you’re writing these big, epic moments, is it harder to write in the smaller, quieter ones? Now that Jeremy is back, will he be stepping things up and become more of an adult? He and his sister are all that they have, so there’s a lot that he’s going to have to do to grow and keep himself together and be a champion for Elena, as she is always trying to be a champion for him.PLEC: Should Jeremy be so lucky to survive Season 3 and be in Season 4, then yeah. What made you decide to have a flashback in the finale?PLEC: Matt is one of the vestigial representatives of this life that was clean and simple for her.Their friendship dates back to when they were in the sandbox together.

The only way in which she’s wooed, in any way, by Klaus is the idea that there’s another world out there. The day that we lose sight of that is the day that we’ll have to take a step back and fix ourselves because that means that the balance has shifted too far to one side and we’re not doing what we’ve been meaning to do, all along.

Should Matt be so lucky to survive Season 3 – which, who knows? What do you guys do, as actors, to attempt to prevent your character from being killed off? As a fan of television, as much as it would suck – pun intended – I get it. PLEC: He started this season, once he realized that the Original witch was screwing with him from the other side, he decided to pull his family together.

– I think certainly, should Rebecca be so lucky to survive Season 3, there’s a little crush brewing there, on her side. Prior to that, he was going to build an army of hybrids. Now that he realizes his mother will not stop coming after him, in some form or another, whether it’s her own self or she’s manipulating witches, this is a second call to arms for Klaus, who may have gotten a bit distracted by pretty blondes and paintings and horses.

We get a nice little flash of what it was like when they were dating, but they were, themselves, a troubled relationship.

Even though she’s remembering a simpler time, her problems were actually just as complicated. Whoever is not able to make it into the fourth season, it’s enough time where you’ve really gotten to be a part of something that, if you know it’s for the greater good, it’s okay.

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PLEC: The flashback in the finale is a small little runner that goes through the entire episode, as Elena is looking back on a part of her life when things were just more simple, at least from a supernatural level.

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