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Bulova spaceview dating

To me, this is the most impressive part of the watch.

Measuring just 0.095” or 2.41mm in diameter, with 360 teeth cut into its circumference, this is an insanely small and precise piece of work!

Editor: Our Technical Chief takes a close look at the Bulova tuning fork as an interesting engineering feat to create a different kind of watch movement.

Inspired by a vintage Spaceview she picked up recently, follow her as she delves into the mysteries of this amazing watch. It hums.” That was the advertising line in the 1960s.

One long and ultra fine index finger is attached to one of the prongs, another equally fine pawl finger is attached to the main plate and stays stationary, both fingers with micro-miniature jewels attached to each end.

The vibrations then move the index pawl to push the index wheel one tooth at a time, and the pawl finger is there to stop the Index Wheel from going backwards when the index finger retracts.

This “relaxation” again causes a change in direction of current in the feedback coil, which signals the transistor to switch on again, re-starting the motion of the fork.

While clearly a choice as an astronaut’s wrist watches, it surprisingly did not pass all the tests to outdo the Omega Speedmaster which eventually became the Moon Watch that we know today.

However, there have been evidence that a Bulova chronograph (not Accutron) wrist watch did make a landing on the moon during Apollo 15 and on subsequent missions, an interesting story that you can read more from here.

We also have to know the basic functions of transistors, capacitors and resistors.

The battery drives a current through the 2 main coil assemblies as well as the rest of the electronic circuit.

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As its name would suggest, it was indeed the most accurate watch of its time, boasting a guaranteed accuracy of 1 minute per month and usually achieving accuracies less than 5 seconds a month.