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Restore configuration files Restore from your notes taken during the mergemaster -p phase, and the saved configuration files in the #Backups step.You may need to also reinstall any binary modules (non-ports) that you may have had previously installed. This is probably the best place for things to break, as they haven't actually changed anything yet.By default, Free BSD saves a copy of the old kernel as . at the countdown loader, interrupt it and type the following This should boot your old kernel, and you can examine logs to try to determine what happened.One thing to watch out for though, don't just build another kernel without saving your current one, because then the current buggy kernel will overwrite your current failsafe A typical user will probably want to copy the CFLAGS and NO_PROFILE (or NOPROFILE on Free BSD 5.

This will probably take longer than any other part of the install (up to several days for slower systems with GUI's installed, an hour or two for a server without any massive ports installed).A common tactic here is to record any changes that look like they disappeared from any files that you edited, and accept all changes.Then examining the changes in more detail after the system is up and running. Your ports have linked against system libraries that have been changed, sometimes drastically.Note that this assumes you are at a local terminal on the machine.Single user mode makes sure that system binaries are not being replaced while they are being used.

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Everyone says to make backups, what is less obvious is what exactly should be backed up. usually large data directories and home directories that are on their own partitions or drives do not need to be backed up (more than usual).