Books on speed dating

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I make contact with that student to try to find out what would appeal to him or her and attempt to meet that need.

In between dates, I sometimes gauge how the activity is going by asking questions like, “How many of you are taking your book out for a second or third date?

If I want them to speed date with all of the books, like on the first day of class, I have the kids pull books themselves, but I ask them to grab a specific blend of genres.

” When students have visited each table, they fill out their final book selection on the worksheet, turn in the sheet, and check out their books.

At this point, I pass out one chocolate kiss to each student, because, as I like to tell them, the perfect date ends in a kiss!

For our high school, is an effective approach to pairing up students with “the perfect match” of a book!

WHEN BOOKTALKS AREN’T THE ANSWER When students used to come to the media center with their English classes to select a book for an outside reading, I would usually give booktalks.

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They often didn’t read a word of the book they checked out before they left!