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And although online men are more likely than online women to view dating services as a good way to meet people, they are also more likely to categorize online daters as a desperate group.One in ten internet users say they have personally gone to dating websites.There are uses of the internet beyond dating websites that have woven themselves into the world of romance.Dating websites are just one of many online avenues that can lead to a romantic connection.Second, there is relatively broad public contact with the online dating world because significant numbers of Americans personally know others who have tried and succeeded at online dating.

Online daters believe dating websites help people to find a better match because they can get to know a lot more people.Internet users who are single and looking for dates are less likely to hold this negative view; only 20% agree that online daters are desperate.Those who do regard online daters as desperate tend to have less experience online and say they are less trusting of people generally.In addition, 57% of internet users agree that a lot of people who use online dating lie about their marital status; while 18% disagree, and 25% say they do not know.Those with lower levels of income or education are more likely than the average internet user to suspect that people lie.

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