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It's popular, though, so I suppose it must have something going for it. You want a game with a heroine with a waist length hair that is both male and female, you can find it.The best place to go is it has everything about every Visual novel. That being said it does not help you obtain the games, but it does list who has translated it.For instance if you go to little busters you will see Fluffy listed.Fluffy is a translator, so it lists licensed and fan translated. Which will show you how popular Clannad and Fate stay/night are two of the top games out there.However, it does save contacts, depending on the settings preferences on your i Phone.

The latter two have an anime out already and little busters is getting one this fall. An english patch to the PC version was relatively recently released.

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Word of warning, though; it may be a bit hard to find.

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