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Bitch and dating book

The premise is simple: bookstore owner and recently jilted bride Maddie Hanson is a soon-to-be-published author.

A negative review by anonymous blogger “Silver Fox” devastates Maddie and even though she knows not to engage with negative reviews, she gets drunk and sends back a scathing message. They exchange some antagonistic messages for a while until declaring a truce and becoming friendly (and flirty).

Unfortunately, they kept referring back to how they met, in a “wasn’t that silly and funny” kind of way.

I rolled my eyes a lot at her obliviousness, but mostly brushed it aside for the sake of the story. Maddie sees an ARC of her book available for purchase on e Bay.

Additionally, the heroine’s frustrating actions — including her baffling behavior as a soon-to-be-published author and her selfishness — ultimately ruined the book for me.

I kept reading because I wanted to know the identity of her anonymous penpal, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Maddie is also upset because the reviewer mangled the protagonists’ names and she thinks that Silver Fox didn’t read the book.

She gets drunk, writes a mean response to Silver Fox, and sends it accidentally in her drunken state. But let’s be honest, you didn’t read the entire book, right? You’re probably one of those snobs who sneers at fantasy romance as if it’s inferior, so you decided to make a personal attack on the author. Normally, my reviews don’t elicit such colorful responses. Because in case you missed the memo, you sent a book out into the public, and now the public gets to have an opinion about your work.

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