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Facebook has over 200 million users who identify as ‘single’, and if just one-third (33%) of them use the new dating features (67 million), Facebook likely becomes the largest dating site in the world with a never ending supply of new singles to browse through in search of romance. Facebook will stay true to their values and focus on creating a great user experience, something that eludes most dating sites.

Ironically, online dating sites are one of the only businesses that lose customers when they are successful.

(AYI), and became the first publicly traded social media company.

AYI would ultimately grow to over 100 million users.

I talk about our wild startup story while providing dozens of case studies on management, innovation, and growth, in my new book, As someone with years of experience in the online dating space — both as a site owner and a user, I couldn’t be more excited about Facebook’s entrance into online dating.

As an expert in the industry, several online dating site owners have recently asked me for my opinion and if I think Facebook will be the online dating app killer.

Dating sites fall short on creating relevant matches due a combination of: 1) lack of users, 2) lack of data on those users, 3) and a lack of talented product managers and data scientists to create a great algorithm.And I can confidently say ‘No’ — quite the contrary.I believe that Facebook will be the ‘Gateway Dating App’ that ‘pops the dating cherry’ for tens of millions of singles who have never previously tried online dating.This is especially true for attractive women who get bombarded with countless messages (which are often inappropriate) from unsuitable partners with no accountability for the bad actors.This lack of accountability leads to inauthentic profiles and low quality users, leaving most singles frustrated as they endure low quality matches and countless bad dates. Facebook has always prioritized delivering a great user experience, even ahead of generating short-term profits. By not cluttering the site with ads or a pay model, an inconceivable 1.45 billion users flock back to Facebook several times daily.

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This is a great source of tension for dating site operators because most dating sites just don’t have enough data points on its users to offer these advanced search filters.

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