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Single player Mod on Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Mod Soviet film on the story on the Second World War. Special thanks to MKlinger( for helping me make the campaign available for COOP) You have option of being stealthy early during infiltration or aggressive, your choice. The Wehrmacht was launched this morning on the city of Mortian to destroy the American lines to reach the bay of Mont Saint Michel, at a distance of 30 kilometers and thus prevent them from reaching the groceri...

On November 25, begins Operation M...4 single player missions. France 1944 - The Germans attempt an advance to stop the Americans breaking out of Normandy.

It is loosely based on the Siege of Tobruk during the North Africa campaign of WW2.

This is a re-upload of a map I had taken off the workshop due to my inability to keep the map u... I'm glad to hear the mistake I have made and learn more. Just a small map for abit of fun with trench warfare invloving a small river and a swamp area with a couple trenches and a simple dirt road wriggling through the middle. Loosely based on actual battles and focusing more on fun than historical accuracy, if tanks appearing in battles before they've been invented really grinds your gears then this skirmish pack is not for y...

Soviet army is defending each street and buildin... M and this this is the 2nd map I made and I would like to share it with you.

First upload and first map with the editor, please bear that in mind! Hints: EDIT- there seems to be an issue with the enemy reinforcements at the artillery hill. It contains: -Airport -Harbor -Forest -Medium Town -Bunker -Village -working NPCs I hope you like... Zaqpak's Reichstag Battle Map: This map took me ages to create and I have put a lot of detail into it.

If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Take command of the 400 man Anzac garrison at Tobruk and hold out against waves of German forces trying to capture Tobruk! With cloud cover stopping the Allied fighter planes from flying the Germans might ju...

For this to work you'll need all the mods listed, otherwise you'll have blue spiders running around the m... v=Ay-v J4OUDj M The battle for the Soviet U... This is , as the name tells a campaign for the Croatian Legion. You infiltrate, capture and defend crosstowns in the village.

Few months later, german fanatic Hartmann and his friend Krause are breaking through berlin. The largest tank battle of World War II The mission mod is based on the real events!!! All mission work in single player and cooperative game mode. It is D-day 3, you have been given command of an Elite Panzer Grenadier "Grossdeutschland" division and are tasked with holding a small town until reinforcements arrive. Which SS and german forces wait silenty, in hopes to make an effective cutoff point. Short mission I made, which is inspired by the movie Dunki... Current version - 1.152This mod adds 4 mini campaign for the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom and Germany.This Reichstag map is a line defence type map and I tried to make it fun for gameplay and make it look nice.*THIS MAP IS NOT A MISSION*This map ...Package contains some of my reworked skirmish missions.


In the beginning...16 MAPS FOR EDITOR, NO MISSIONS ATTACHEDIF NOT UPDATED: go into Steam/Steam Apps/common/Men of War Assault Squad 2/mods/metatrons map pack and open the file with notepad, there change this line to the newest version (in... The Germans hoped to weaken the Soviet offensive potential for the summer of 1943 by cutting off a large number of forces that they anticipated would be in the Kursk salient.

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