Backdating a file using touch

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Backdating a file using touch

Enjoy Jakob -- Jakob Bohm, CIO, Partner, Wise Mo A/S. Direct 45 31 13 16 10 This public discussion message is non-binding and may contain errors.You can view a list of your bank feeds by choosing Set up bank feeds from the Banking menu.--clamp-mtime restricts the time stamp manipulation to the contents of the / / xz files . It seems to me that any method that would have a negative impact on 'make' when using 'touch', would have a similar negative impact in the generated tarball when using --clamp-mtime.Can you give a more complete example of the problem?

Now, it supports SELECT, UPDATE & INSERT queries with or without WHERE clause.

So far I believe the behaviour Thanks for the info. Searching for "clock drift docker" actually reveals possible issues, including this one: docker/for-mac#2076 It would be nice to try to prove if the drift also happens at OS level. But it seems to be an OS issue rather than Erlang one.

Your VM is not supposed to be under time warped mode under regular situations. -- *José Valim* Skype: Founder and Director of R&D :erlang.system_info(:os_monotonic_time_source) :erlang.system_info(:os_system_time_source) :erlang.system_info(:time_offset) :erlang.system_info(:time_warp_mode) :erlang.system_info(:time_correction) :erlang.system_info(:start_time) :erlang.system_info(:end_time) Right, at this point it is cleat that this is not an Elixir issue and we need to understand why the VM is immediately entering into time correction.

This depends heavily on the invariant that "output file newer than input file".

Using tar command line options to normalize the timestamps inside the archives allows preserving the make-needed properties in the build tree, but the user-needed properties in the packages.

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