Are gaz and charlotte from geordie shore dating

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In order to cut ties with him completely, she made the decision to leave Geordie Shore for good, and said goodbye to him and their romance forever.

After discovering Charlotte's heartache admitted she had "no regrets" over the tryst.

Anita is no rookie when it comes to reality TV after first appearing in series eight of Britain's Next Top Model.

Despite their sexual chemistry, the pair didn't hook up again during their time on the show, but remained pals.

Liverpool DJ Mel had been getting off with Gaz during their appearances at nightclubs together.

In 2016, the pair ended up back in bed together alongside Olivia Walsh during a steamy session in the Ex on the Beach penthouse.

However, both remained on good terms as neither wanted a relationship with the other.

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Gaz and Charlotte enjoyed a brief fling in 2015 which fizzled out with next to no issue.