Approach dynamic software updating java Live one to one live dirty chat

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Approach dynamic software updating java

Jvolve requires Jikes RVM's adaptive compilation system and is built on top of a semi-space copying collector.For more information look in Before we update an actual application, let us get to know how to trigger the VM to perform a dynamic update.

The entire command should take about 5 minutes to run.There are a few command line options when invoking the VM that control DSU behavior.They are As mentioned above, Jvolve provides a command line option to specify an update specification file.The challenge is to develop DSU infrastructure that is flexible, safe, and efficient—DSU should enable updates that are likely to occur in practice, and updated programs should be as reliable and as efficient as those started from scratch.This paper presents the design and implementation of a JVM we call JVOLVE that is enhanced with DSU support.

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