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Baltimore grew swiftly in the 18th century, its plantations producing grain and tobacco for sugar-producing colonies in the Caribbean.The profit from sugar encouraged the cultivation of cane in the Caribbean and the importation of food by planters there.

& O.) made Baltimore a major shipping and manufacturing center by linking the city with major markets in the Midwest. Baltimore was established by the Constitution of Maryland as an independent city in 1729. state of Maryland, as well as the 30th most populous city in the United States, with a population of 602,495 in 2018 and also the largest such independent city in the country.Baltimore lawyer Milton Dashiell advocated for an ordinance to bar African-Americans from moving into the Eutaw Place neighborhood in northwest Baltimore.He proposed to recognize majority white residential blocks and majority black residential blocks, and to prevent people from moving into housing on such blocks where they would be a minority.

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and is home to some of the earliest National Register Historic Districts in the nation, including Fell's Point, Federal Hill, and Mount Vernon.