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Anvil dating sheffield

Topic tags/keywords: wood chisels makers marks tool steel gouge trademark logo blade carving tool chisel butcher witherby fulton keen kutter stanley ohio tool co swan douglass mfg co addis marples w c co ward ward and payne essex mfg co buck brothers charles buck underhill l i j white sampson union hardware sorby greenlee reliance g i mix lakeside charlton pexto p s w jennings griffin barton sheaf works j t dodge hubbard spear jackson winchester hudson forge co Hello All, I don’t know about any of you, but I run across lots of wood chisels with unfamiliar or faded (often both) maker’s marks (m.m.)/trademarks.

I’ve spent hours trying to research who made what and when and with what mark – with a lot of success – but still leaving an incomplete picture. Loads of research produced nothing until months later I found a chisel on e Bay with the complete m.m., and I was able to go from there.

The most probable is that the name derived from Malin Stacie, who was Lord of the Manor of Owlerton (which lies ¾ mile to the NE) between 16.

It is possible that Stacie built the bridge or was responsible for its upkeep and it was therefore named after him.

There are many small shops around the one-way system; the largest retail outlet in the area is Towsure, a sizeable outdoor equipment warehouse on Holme Lane.

The Rivelin Valley fire station stands 200 yards along the Rivelin Valley Road.

The tram route from the city centre was taken over by buses in 1952, but reinstated in 1995.

Present-day Malin Bridge is centred on a busy road junction which consists of a one-way traffic loop with various roads leading off.

Other B class roads leave Malin Bridge for the suburbs of Stannington, Loxley and beyond.The stone-built bridge was also carried off by the raging torrent and many of the industrial workshops were destroyed.Samuel Harrison wrote: “The populous village of Malin Bridge experienced the full fury of the flood, and suffered to an extent which is truly appalling…A bombardment with the newest and most powerful artillery could hardly have proved so destructive, and could not possibly have been nearly so fatal to human life.” Malin Bridge expanded with the building of Victorian terraced housing; it became a terminus for the Sheffield Tramway with a route from the city centre commencing on .For instance, some of you may recal a post and picture of a chisel of mine in another related forum topic. Learning about vintage hand tools in general, and chisels in particular has been a joy -and at times an obsession- for me.What I hope to accomplish with this forum topic is to eliminate some of the unnecessary time it takes to decipher a faded m.m.

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