Ang pagdating ng mga amerikano sa pilipinas speed dating kennewick

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At early in the morning, I met up with my group mates and excitedly, with full energy, we boarded the cruise ship, only to find ourselves fall asleep the moment we hit the cushiony seats.I tried to listen as the cruise guide told us a brief history of what went on in Corregidor, but my attention wouldn’t give in.The first thing that caught my eye was the statue of Gen.Mc Arthur with his famous words, “I shall return” plated at the bottom.As one of the volunteer representatives of the class tasked to make arrangements for the field trip, I went through various websites searching through different Corregidor tour packages, seeing images of the place and scanning through descriptions.After settling everything however, I was still faced with the same question I had at the very beginning: What exactly happened in Corregidor again?I had hoped to get the foreign-looking, slightly stout tour guide, just because he looked like a lot of fun. Even before leaving, their jeep was already howling with laughter.

Even the tour buses were replicas of transportation back in the day, passing by the same roads that the soldiers did during the war.The name no doubt rang a bell, and I knew it was a very significant place in our History, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.I had resided to simply find out, or rather, rediscover what Corregidor was, going into the field trip.Eventually, we approached the island, and I remember saying how beautiful it was seeing it from a distance.Upon arrival, the tour jeeps were already there waiting for us.

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I mean this in no sentimental, cheesy way, but yes, I did take time to reflect.

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