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Adult dating website profile pics

In the 35-to-44-year-old age group, women tend to feature themselves looking stylish, with many photos showing red carpets.

In terms of male appearance generally, 11.5% show off their chest muscles.

This has the advantage of illustrating that one is not a loner and is reasonably skilled at socializing.

(Obviously, however, you don’t want potential dates to find the people in your photo more attractive than you.) Overall, 54% of females post pictures with other people, compared to 45% of men.

Between ages 45 and 54, men start to present themselves as being laid back or the type to "live it up" a little, with images that feature palm trees, flags, or morning skies in the background.

Finally, the study discovered that even at age 55 and over, men illustrate that they still want to continue with a good and healthy lifestyle, with photos of them running marathons or swimming still featured at this age.

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Other characteristics were photos playing volleyball wearing miniskirts, and images in which women were wearing swimsuits.