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Accommodating tests

It is important to know that some accommodations are considered nonstandard or nonallowable.These kinds of accommodations may have consequences attached.In-person group training is available at the start of the fall semester, and individual training is available at other times of the year. I work with the Mc Burney Disability Resource Center and am approved for disability-related accommodations.I would like to meet with you to discuss the accommodations I would like to request in your class to arrange accommodations for testing for the semester.

The purpose of these assessments is to show the progress of a school toward proficiency on state academic content standards."Not okay" accommodations are commonly referred to as modifications, adaptations, alterations, and nonstandard, nonallowable, or nonapproved accommodations (Thurlow & Wiener, 2000).The terminology can be confusing and terms may have different meanings in various contexts.More importantly, a picture of the assessment results for all of the students in a school shows where there is strength and where improvement is needed.An emphasis on improvement might not take place without illuminating where students are having the most difficulty.

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