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Accommodating persons with

If you would like more information, visit the Assessment Accommodation webpage.

A Paper Submitted to Ontario's Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Persons with Disabilities are among the most vulnerable individuals in our society, yet you will find us in all levels of the community.

The ADA defines undue hardship as any actions that might be extremely difficult or expensive relative to the employer’s resources.

Depending on the case, the disabled person may be entitled to certain accommodations, but these accommodations exclude items for personal use (like wheelchairs) and any action that would result in reduced production standards.

Working on the federal level, the ADA applies to enterprises with 15 or more hired employees.

However, state or local regulations may have lower employee thresholds.

Accommodation during testing can include such things as provision of sign language interpreters, information in alternative formats, reader services, technical support or attendant services.

Information on the nature and extent of functional limitations is essential to establishing proper assessment accommodation.

The content on our website is only meant to provide general information and is not legal advice.The person to contact may vary depending on the organization, but it is usually the human resources ( representative who specializes in diversity.Please note that the procedure for requesting accommodation on a Second Language Evaluation test is the same as for any other test.This training will provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to better promote a supportive work environment to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.Participants will be provided with practical tools/tips to facilitate the development of a more inclusive, barrier-free work environment that promotes the participation of persons with disabilities.

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With this act in place, workers are guaranteed equal opportunity and may be entitled to certain accommodations depending on the situation.

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