A guide for accommodating utilities within highway right of way frederique van de wal is dating

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A guide for accommodating utilities within highway right of way

Most backordered items can be rushed in from the publisher in as little as 24 hours. Contact your nearest IHS Markit Office to request rush delivery of any backordered item.These guidelines are provided for consideration and use by transportation agencies in regulating the use and occupancy of highway right-of-way by utilities.These guidelines supplement, but do not alter the provisions of the AASHTO A Policy on the Accommodation of Utilities within Freeway Right-of- Way (2).It is recognized that a distinction exists between buried fiber optic cables and other utilities.Marek Texas John Pickering Mississippi James Rosenow Minnesota Norman H. Home FHWA Liaison Jim Mc Donnell AASHTO Alabama Don T. Exceptions may be made where assurance can be provided against damage to the protective coating.Roush West Virginia Joe Ruffer National Association of County Engineers Larry Sutherland Ohio Karla Sutliff California Max Valerio New Mexico Ted Watson Nebraska A Guide for Accommodating Utilities Within Highway Right-of-Way HIGHWAY SUBCOMMITTEE ON DESIGN 2004 Chair Allen D. • Consideration should be given to encasement or other suitable protection for any pipeline (a) with less than minimum cover, (b) near footings of bridges or other highway structures or across unstable or subsiding ground, (c) near other locations where hazardous conditions may exist, or (d) on a structure that crosses an environmentally sensitive waterway or other natural area. Simmons District of Columbia Zahra Dorriz Allen Miller Kathleen Penney State Members Florida Brian A. Preferably, the markers should be located at the right-of-way line if that location will provide adequate warning. Markers should be installed in such a manner as to not interfere with highway safety and maintenance operations.

The method used to locate and mark the exact location of the line shall be in accordance with the transportation agency's utility accommodation policy. Appurtenances • Vents, drains, markers, manholes, shafts, shut-offs, cross-connect boxes, pedestals, pad-mounted devices, and similar appurtenances should not be located where they would interfere with the accessible facilities for the disabled. The location of each underground utility should be identified by the utility owner with stakes, paint, or other temporary on-the-surface markings coded with an identifying color consistent with the American Public Works Association's Recommended Marking Guidelines for Underground Utilities (6) by utility type. Thomas Illinois Michael Hine Indiana Jef FClanton, RE. • Electric power and communication cables, gas lines, water lines, and sewer lines should be separated from one another as required by appropriate codes and ordinances. Separation of the utilities from highway facilities or other utilities may require the acquisition of additional property by the utility company.

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