100 day korean dating

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But regardless, surrounded by such extreme pressures to conform to societal ‘norms’ and perform set roles, they turn society’s desires into their desires, and they continue to buy into the consumerism of romance.

(Disclaimer: This post will not be about dating Korean men/women; men and women are different regardless of where they're born, and it's impossible and unfair to make sweeping generalizations about what it's like to date all of them. Rather, I want to share my views about what dating and couple culture usually looks like in Korea... Blind dating (소개팅; so-geh-ting) is a common approach to meeting prospectives; a friend knows a friend, or a mom has a son.

The date course may take you from an afternoon in a green tea field and then to a well-known restaurant in the area for dinner.

The idea of "date courses" coincides with my perception of dating being taken much more seriously and intensely in Korea than Canada.

Enjoy the experience of staring blankly at a screen for two hours, peppered here and there with gruesome scenes that automatically prompt hand-clutching, which provides her the reassurance that oppa is here.

Anniversaries ☑ As the days go by, you must commemorate your time together: one week, one month, 100 days…

Until your confession of true love is accepted by someone, it is permissible to see more than one woman at a time.

” If she hesitates to answer, simply go back to “The Introduction” part of this article and start all over again.Valentine’s Day, White Day, Pepero Day, the 100-day anniversary…All are grotesque reminders of how relationship in South Korea has been commodified according to some ideal of Western middle-class romance, and repackaged into a kitschy must-have item.Something that is a bit different in Korea is the idea of a "date course".Boyfriends or girlfriends can Google specific date courses in their desired destination/location.

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If you are not sure about how to talk to your date, don’t worry and just prepare some topics in advance: websites with guides and video tutorials abound. Even my gallant housemate admits to hating the obligatory dinner purchase but feels he “has no choice”.