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Sosnizkaja Margarita StanislavovnaAuthor of different kinds of books, essays, articles.

In 1985 she graduates at the Moscow Gorky Literary Institute.

Two Samizdat collections of poems: “Opium of the Motherland”, "Milk of Fenix", ”Silence of Kassandra”, etc.


In Moscow, “AST. Astrel” publishes the novel  “Sofia and life” in 2003 and the collection “A rosary of fortune” in 2008, and with the publisher “Sovpis” the collection “Notes on the Road”, and the nonfiction “Grass under the snow” and the “Book of Proverbs”  in 2002, 2004 and 2008. She writes for the collection “Russians in Italy”, “Russkij Put’”, Moscow.Her beginnings in the novel take place in Italy: Feltrinelli publishes the short novel "Gala's dinner"

Several articles, essays, tales and poems appeared on different papers and magazines (“Slovo”, “Moskva”, “Postscriptum”, “Don”, “Mrija”, “Tamyr”, “Nashe Pokolenie”, “Junost’”, “Bijskij vestnik” and more). In 2010  RuNet vient publishes the collection of poems  haiku “Poems on a Fan” as well as the novel “The Battle of Rose”. In 2011 the roman publisher Aracne publishes her collection “Language is the Witness”.

2014 Lermontov's Prize



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